Why Rumors about ACN Scam: Are Considered A Way to Destroy a Legitimate Company

For years, rumors about ACN scam have been circulating. There were cases of pyramid scheme filed in court but none prospered.  No strong proofs of the crime have been presented to convince the court to order the company to cease its operations. However, from time to time, the same talks would surface and once again, the company survives. It can be construed that these rumors were intentionally spread to destroy the name of ACN. Here are some reasons why the alleged ACN scam is considered a way to destroy the company.

  • Throughout the years, the company has never been convicted of pyramid scheme. There were many accusations and some cases were filed in court but they never prospered.
  • It cannot be said that the goods and services sold by the company are just used as a front for its actual business which can be considered as pyramid scheme. In fact, its products have gained popularity in the US, Europe, and Australia and the company have now a huge customer base.
  • People who join the company as independent business owners are earning residual income from their sales. They can still earn even if they stop recruiting people and focus on selling.
  • These rumors have no verified source and this is why the company continues to experience success despite the attempts to destroy it.

ACN Is Founded on Integrity

Integrity is the core values of ACN so how can ACN scam be true? Its founders believe that it is only by maintaining their integrity that they can gain the trust, confidence, and loyalty of their direct resellers and buyers. Throughout the years, they have helped many direct resellers or independent business owners augment their income and improve their financial situations. They might not have become millionaires but they were able to lead a good life from their honest labor.