ACN Scam: Rumors Designed to Destroy the Reputation of CAN and Derail Its Success

 Many companies that used the multi-level marketing business model failed because they were accused of pyramid scheme. Some of these companies rely on recruiting members for income. They do not sell real products and some might advertise products for sale that may be too expensive to afford or does not exist at all. Members are encouraged to recruit more new members in order to earn a percentage of membership fees. ACN haven accused of doing this as well and rumors about ACN scam has been circulating for years. However, all these are just rumors and will always remain as such.

Why ACN Scam Cannot Be True?

If you closely consider how ACN conducts business, you will realize that it cannot be a scam. Here are strong proofs that this company is legitimate:

  • It has been selling goods and services for more than a decade. Independent business owners earn residual income from selling this product.
  • Although the company charge membership fees and encourage members to recruit, recruitment is not the only way to earn. Even if you just focus on selling its products and services, you can still make money.
  • Independent business owners were not promised instant richness or wealth. They join because they are willing to work hard to augment their regular income.
  • ACN has received awards as one of the best direct selling companies in the US and in the world. This recognition is proof that it is a legitimate company.


ACN scam can never be true because the company proved that you can use the MLM business model without engaging in a pyramid scheme. By selling legitimate goods and services and by allowing direct sellers to earn from selling as well as from recruiting, all members are given the opportunity to earn either through recruitment or through selling or doing both.