StarChapter: Even Small Chapters Need a Software to Run Things

333333333The board of Oklahoma City chapter of the Project Management Institute wanted to engage new members. Being a small chapter with limited resources, they turned to use StarChapter, an association management software geared to helping volunteers of local chapters.

“As a smaller chapter within the PMI organization, our resources are limited. StarChapter meets our varied needs ranging from communicating with members, analyzing the membership data, planning and managing events, and robust financial reporting. We now have access to sophisticated tools in an all-inclusive package that helps us promote the growth, and ultimate success of our chapter. The service we get from the StarChapter Support team is outstanding and always timely. Our members are proud to promote our chapter website now, which wasn’t always the case! “

—PMI Oklahoma City Board

Challenges, Solutions & Results

The board focused on engaging new members by promoting the benefits of becoming a PMI OKC member. One strategy they found useful was providing a forum for potential members to interact with the larger membership base. The StarChapter website made this possible, allowing people to easily register online. The chapter also held networking events for potential members to engage with current members and allowed them to discuss and see the value of thier network, obtain information that could benefit their careers, and gain new project management knowledge.

The board found that members are more likely to volunteer when they are approached directly and engaged in the conversation about the Chapter’s needs. Issuing general “call for volunteers” emails or communications rarely work. To engage memebers, the board needed the right information about them. StarChapter offered direct contact with members via the website, personalized emails, membership analysis, and much more.

The chapter reached a 6.5% membership growth from the previous year.

Advice from the Board

As volunteers, each board member brings a unique talent and perspective based on their individual experiences and backgrounds. We provide ample opportunity to weave those experiences into the services that the chapter provides. Our chapter provides information routinely using our StarChapter software, maintains an organized and professional website presence, and recruits volunteers who are passionate about helping our membership base.