StarChapter: A Very Common Mistake that Causes Major Problems for Chapter Leaders

There are five common mistakes that association leaders make that cause major problems for their organizations. These mistakes lead to decreases in membership and revenues, and burden chapter leaders to the point of exhaustion.

Solve these Five Problems and Watch Your Association Grow

When association leaders fix these five problems their chapters thrive. They see increased activity. Members are more positive and enthusiastic about association meetings. Membership grows. The chapter has more revenue. The chapter can recruit and retain talented leaders.

They Don’t Track Member Activity

Not keeping accurate track of member activity is extremely detrimental to the strength and longevity of your association. It directly or indirectly leads to problems with revenues, communication, recruiting, and complacent leadership.

Keeping track of activity may seem like a chore if you don’t have the right tools, but effective leaders will get the right tools – Not ignore activity and attendance.

Leaders Should Track

  • Membership counts
  • Non-member counts
  • Meeting attendance
  • Continuing education credits
  • Member to website interaction
  • Email delivery and open rate
  • Survey response rates and results
  • Expirations and renewals
  • New member counts

Not Tracking Activity Will Likely Lead To

  • Poor event attendance
  • Dwindling membership levels
  • Shrinking revenue & budget
  • Heavier workloads and frustration for volunteer leaders or executives/administrators


StarChapter’s Solution

Easily Track All Critical Numbers And Proactively Respond To Any Indicators Or Potential Problems

With StarChapter it’s easy to track attendance, new member enrollment, visitors, email open rates, membership renewals, and more. Imagine having the transparency to see all those details in just a few clicks. Each of those numbers will tell you what you’re doing well, and what you can improve on; if you observe high event attendance but low new member enrollments, you can initiate a campaign to convert visitors into members. Likewise, if a high percentage of your members are opening and reading their emails, but not showing up in strong numbers at events, it may be that you need to plan or advertise the events to create more enthusiasm – and get members back together. With StarChapter, you can stay on your chapter’s pulse, and proactively respond to whatever your chapter needs.